Just Add Water and Watch Them Grow

Have you ever heard of the “Chia Pet?”

Chia Pets use the slogan “just add water and watch them grow”. Your Instantaneous Pet.

This reminds me of the haste we are in to become successful in everything we do. How many of us are in that situation?

We want success over night.

We want Chia Pet success. We want to buy that product or sign up on line for that course and be earning that promised $100K a month next week. Mind you, you haven’t even been in the business 30 days.

Yes, most of us want to be reap the benefits but we don’t want to do the work. Sometimes the work is as simple as “clicking on 10 products per day”. How hard is that? You would not believe how many people join – even the simplest business – and find a reason why they cannot do the work. Most repeated excuse I have heard is “I don’t have the time”.

If you have a vision of where you want to be 10 years from now, then you must do the work to make sure you get there. Work with the coach or the person that brought you in. Don’t gravitate to looking for microwave success because just like the microwaved product the heat will soon die off. If you have joined a reputable program and you see others being successful you already know that it works.

Ask yourself some questions, what can I do differently that I am not already doing to make myself successful? Once you can answer that, then begin by taking baby steps.

Do not give up, keep on going. Stop looking for get rich quick results. Yes, they are out there but more often than not, you will end up disappointed and disillusioned very quickly.

Have you ever watched the Oscars and see the same faces, waiting to win that Oscar.

What do you notice? 

These actors do not stop perfecting their craft, they keep on producing more work, and as they do, they get better as the years go by. They still get to walk the red carpet while waiting for their name to be called. But they keep on working, they keep on trying, they keep on perfecting.

Someone once asked: how old will I be when I achieve my dreams? Well the simplest answer is how old will you be when you don’t.

Go for it.

If the goal is to change the results you are now having to one of success then take baby steps each day on your path to greatness.

Life is so much more fun when you try.

Make “giving up” NOT an option.