Habit - I am your best friend.



You hear these words over and over again, especially as you travel on the road of self - employment. Depending on the vocation you choose, self discipline and habits are something we have to learn how to control. 

In choosing to become an Interpreneur (internet entrepreneur) - maybe I should go and trademark that word as I feel I just made it up - it can be a very lonely world. You spend a lot of time behind a computer. Your friends and colleagues are behind their computer in their little world pounding at keyboards and learning strategies and tips on how to develop a successful on line business.

'It’s critical to have patience when starting out because everyone wants to be an overnight success, but it doesn’t happen. Slow and steady – persistence is key'.

Developing good habits is really the key. So when  I went to church and was handed this poem I knew I had to share it with you. So, not to take credit for such a well penned piece I am republishing it in full. It is on point.

We get to choose the habits we develop, good or bad. Once it becomes a habit it is easy to become your friend. 


when you choose, choose wisely.