Limitless - A book review "Escape the rat race and make money online in the new economy"

This is the first book written by CEO and founder of MOBE,* Matt Lloyd and he holds no punches.

This book introduces us to the 'HTAM' method. What exactly is the HTAM method? Well, if you are like more than 50% of the workforce in traditional jobs you may have never encountered the HTAM method. Effectively, this new acronym stands for High Ticket Affiliate Marketing method. This is not new, but perhaps new to those who don’t have an online marketing career.

If you come across this book it’s usually because of one or two primary reasons, which is (a) you are an online marketer or (b) you are on line searching for ways to end your relationship with your miserable job/career, or indeed that relationship has already ended and you need to make more money. You hear of people making tons of money on line but you have no clue. You want in, but you don’t know where to go. Either way you have some level of pain that you think this book might solve.

What this book does, is to open up the door to the “possibility” of making you a successful online entrepreneur. A purveyor of expensive on line programs that will make you shamelessly rich. Well that is not entirely true, although Lloyd outlines the steps to making your on line business successful, don’t be fooled. He is an extremely focused guy, a shameless marketer and a ‘take no prisoners” kind of guy on his way to the top of his future billion dollar empire. This is a guy who built a staircase through his apartment ceiling to stop wasting precious time going up & down his elevator to his office. He is tough and he is focused.

Throughout the book he introduces us to his mentor Warren Buffet to give us an idea of his ideal and laser focus. To be clear, he is not a time waster. He doesn’t watch TV, he doesn’t really socialize and he is laser targeted. He knows his numbers better than anything else. 

What this book does, is to show you what steps to take if you want the possibility of having on line success. His objective is pure and simple, to save you time, money and energy by giving you the road map to the maze before you set out. He has a clear ulterior motive, and it’s to take his empire to the next level. This book is his calling card, it’s filled throughout with links back to MOBE. Those links can also be individualized to its affiliate to help drive traffic back to them.

Limitless is not a book for those not willing to take action. It’s not a book for those that want to complain. Lloyd provides the reader with clear definition of what an Affiliate Marketer does. An Affiliate Marketer “gets paid a commission for connecting a company with a new customer”. His definition of Affiliate Marketing helps to remove the stigma that this is a scam or that all on line marketers are only out to cheat and rob you with no real products.

Sometimes his use of certain adjectives like “shake you down” in explaining how to get customers to buy repeatedly could be misinterpreted to show that he is a ruthless guy out to “shake you down”. He is clear though that he is promoting something he believes in, and has invested both his time and energy into creating something others can follow.

There is much more that one could say about this book but it really defeats the objective of Lloyd’s hard work to rewrite his strategies here. He needs the reader to go through this book meticulously, follow it and test the legitimacy of what he is telling us. In fact, he throws down the gauntlet in Chapter 6, he lays out his 90 day plan and encourages the reader to get back to him on the 91st day. He wants others to follow him on this path if they have the stomach for real financial success.

From humble beginnings to $100 Million in less than five years, he is testament that the on line HTAM model works. He is not the first to do this, but this book provides a framework to take you to any level of success that you want.

Quite simply, if you have the appetite to build a successful on line career, Lloyd challenges you to, “take action right now, and get started as an affiliate with MOBE. You have nothing to lose, and your financial freedom to gain”.

 *MOBE = My Online Business Education.

 Colleen Wilson is a Platinum Member of MOBE.