2017 - How to Create the Life you Really Want

It's December 31, 2017 and there I was contemplating making New Year's Resolution. I really wasn't feeling it. Hadn't I done this countless years before and here I was repeating a pattern?

You see a few weeks ago, I attended a Meditation  Retreat. As usual it had the right title and the content was really good. We pondered how to Awaken the Divine Within - then we got to discussing PURPOSE. That is one word that can create such immediate and deep responses, as well as change the energy in the room. We all had our views and there was surely plenty of them. Of course, I am not going to cover all the ideas here, you can go and see Will Smith's film #Collateral Beauty -  to see why this is a difficult subject to touch. You can't please Hollywood when it comes to matters spiritual. 

So here I am contemplating my New Years Resolution when someone sent me this:-

And after having a good laugh, it resonated. Isn't that what we do year after year. Most of us make the list and somehow we find ourselves back in the same place year after year. Making sometimes a shift here or there but never totally getting the full list checked off.

So I decided they year of 2018 being the year of ONE (1) I am making a big shift.

1. So number 1

I am not going to make any more New Years' Resolutions. I am just going to make small achievable things look possible. No long list, just deciding to creating the life I want one tiny step at a time.

2. Don't write your life plan in permanent ink

Our lives are not permanent. It changes all the time. Be open and receptive to change. If something is not working change it. If the list is too long and burdensome make it tight and succinct. If you are over maxed on your credit card, don't go buying that next internet plan that's going to make you a Million Dollars in 12 months. Because if it did that person wouldn't be selling it to you. They would give you real achievable tips. Instead make common sense plans on how to reduce your debt and your stress levels. It might be a business on line but don't convince yourself that this last $1000 'thingy' is going to do it. If you don't have a responsive list to market to, or a product that is appealing to a large number, there is no 'cha-ching' waiting for you . Find a way to build your list that's not going to break your account.

3. Watch Your Energy You are the Energy you create

You ever heard of 'change your thoughts change your life'. Well its true. If you focus on Fear, fear will find you. If you focus on being more positive and grateful, you actually will find more things to be grateful for.  If you see only the obstacles when you begin something then more obstacles will find its way to you. We live in a universe of mind energy. Read or watch something by Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist) to get a better understanding of the planet you inhabit and the thoughts you have. Here is one of his quotes:

We are part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us.

4. Be Brave, Love your self more

If you don't who will. So I love me and that is not vanity. It just is. I can't sit around and wait for validation from someone else. I even do the self-hug on a daily basis. Try doing it in the mirror and looking into your own eyes and saying "I love you (name)". If you haven't tried it. Go ahead and let me know it feels.

5. Keep my blogs short.

Yep, I will try to do more short blogs as I build my list. I encourage you to do the same. I have found lots of FREE tools to share so I will share them with you.  Lesson 101, if you want to do business on line you must have a list and a product to market. Take your time and build trust around your wonderful clients/customers and you are on your way.

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I know you can make this your year of ONE!

Si se puede!

Talk Soon!