Happy New Year

Happy New Year.png
The end of a month. The end of a year - 2016- the end of this journey. Some of us carried a lot of baggage on this leg of the journey. Weighed down with memories -some good, some not so good. Sometimes barely getting thru a month. But, we made it.
As we celebrate the life that God has given us, we are grateful for the lessons learned and growth attained. We bid farewell to December & look ahead with zest for a new month, a new year - and a new journey. We let go of error thinking, of negative influences & relationships & choose to commit to our oneness with God & the universe. Regardless of our ideologies or our cultures, our souls are on a journey and all our paths have crossed for a reason. We live in a world of infinite possibilities, love, life & all the good that a New Year brings. Choose to walk in the light, celebrate life & be positive. Know that the destination is to remember & declare,
“I AM!”
Remember always, that life is a journey, and journeys dont follow a straight & uneventful line. Each of our life’s journey is unknown & mysterious. You never know, despite best laid plans where your road will lead so learn to enjoy the journey & not focus on the destination.
So for 2017 I am putting in your basket, an abundance of good health, love, joy, financial blessing & positive light as you start your journey. My wish for each of you, is that you only stop to place more goodness in this basket.


Happy Thanksgiving.jpg

On this special day in the United States, I join with many others to take the time to give thanks and to reflect on how truly grateful I am for God's bountiful harvest and blessings.  This day is a reminder to be thankful no matter what you may be going through. I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. I also want to take the time to say 'thank you' for your support and to wish you every success in life.